Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Competition Giveaway YAY (closed)

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Prize is three amazing summer nail polishes from Rimmel London

Giveaway YAY!!!!


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Monday, 28 May 2012

Lovely Glittery Sun-loving Nails! Review on Rimmel, Lacura & Borjois Magic Nail polish remover

Hello everyone,
Phew.... It is so mega hot it is untrue, time to take advantage of our little used (in Manchester UK) summer clothes and makeup looks. I had to change my nail polish last night as it was a disgrace so I put on my favourite budget nail polish Aldi's Lacura in colour 171 (I know, not a colour but I threw the box away and it really doesn't say on the bottle). 

Lacura 171

Any hoo.... I meant to do one, maybe two feature nails with a glitter overlay and loved it so much I did the whole ten nails. I couldn't stop looking at it when I was watching "The Lovely Bones" on TV it was like a new ring or something (easy pleased me). 
Pretty sparkly nails
Disco Ball

Borjois in the background


I was struck again by the coverage and quality of the Aldi nail polish and can't wait until I am near one again to get more. The Rimmel "I Love Lasting Finish" in colour 500 "Disco Ball" is sensational and went on a like a dream. I got this on 3 for 2 and it was only a couple of pound. I suggest everyone buys it, you will not be sorry. The pictures don't do it justice.

Also you may notice in the background Bourjois "Magic" Nail polish remover. It is fab and so easy to take of your nails. It will be particularly useful if you mess up one nail as you can take it off without messing up the rest of your manicure.

Enjoy the lovely sunshine

Rose xxx

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Sleep Rollers Review

 Hello everyone,
*Before I start I want to say I receive no commission or payment for this review. I bought the rollers with my own money and all views are exclusively my own (phew)*

Well if you follow me on twitter you will know that I recently purchased 2 packs (20 rollers) of soft foam/Velcro sleep rollers from their site. It is free P&P at the moment which makes it an even more tempting offer. 

Lets start by discussing price, Boots do a similar product at £4.99 for six rollers so to get 20 would cost £19.96 (this would be 24 but who wants 24?) but you do not get a bag to store them in. Sleep rollers are £16.50 inc P&P AND you get a cute pink bag to store them in so it was a no brainer for me.
Pretty pink bag
Pretty pink squashy roller

Right so we love the price and bags what is the quality like? I have Avon advanced techniques and Denman Thermo Velcro rollers to compare them too so I cannot comment on the quality of Boots rollers. Both my other sets of rollers are hard and would be impossible to sleep in for a start, and also the Velcro on both the others is really snaggy and feels like they are ripping my hair to shreds. The sleep rollers are less snaggy, didn't get tangled in my hair and soft to sleep on. Regarding the bag it was disappointing as it ripped down the side when I put the rollers in it and is a bit flimsy as it is made out of paper fabric (rather like a stiff Jcloth).
BOOOO it ripped, clumsy girl  :'-(  
SO....... this is the real question you all want to know..... Can you sleep in them? Well the answer is tricky, they are a bit prickly around the base of your neck and bottom of hair line but did NOT stop me sleeping (yay!). It is a bit weired feeling but you can get used to it I expect (a bit like a new watch or ring) and you can just wear them in the day or blast with a dryer hood (also sold on site).

The results are amazing I applied them on day 2 hair with a mist of water on each strand and a finishing light spray with hairspray. My hair is smooth, bouncy and has amazing volume on top. I removed them at 0430 AM when I went to the loo 'cos I just couldn't wait to see the results lol (see pictures!). the final picture is after a light brush, a touch of hairspray and remember I had also slept on the style for 2 and a half hours since taking them out (Pretty impressive  eh? Well I think so.)

I am half asleep in this
This is literally with the rollers just removed

VERDICT: A great big thumbs up! (or hairs up)

Final hair do, took 2 minutes to do!!


See You soon

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Rimmel Three for two (well it would be rude not to get six!!)

Hi everybody,
I went to the pharmacy yesterday to get a prescription filled for some peroxide cream my GP prescribed for my acne rosacia. Whilst I was waiting I spotted a Rimmel make up stand and went to have a browse (it fills the time, just looking won't hurt right?). I saw a big red sign that said "3 for 2 on all Rimmel products" and my excitement increased ten fold. There were some amazing nail polishes and I needed a NEW, new liquid eyeliner as the Max factor one I bought late last week was absolute pants (I have complained and a voucher is in the mail as we speak).

This is what I bought

  The doohickey on the right is a false eyelash clamp and drying stand from Japan

 This is said doohickey out of the pack, it has a soft rubber end and a spring hinge

A swatch of the lipstick

 A swatch of the eyeliner

Nail polishes to die for, on the toes is "Green Envy"


Nails in china glaze with the black crackle on two feature nails, I thought it was too black so I put another coat of the red over and felt more satisfied with it.

Overall I was very pleased by my haul and had great fun playing with them last night. I may do a haul video/review if anyone would like me to? Anyhow I have also had a mini makeover (colour and cut to you) from my lovely talented friend who is a hairdresser.

So bye for now  and thanks for reading
Rose xoxo

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Debanhams Beauty Club card and Spa sanctury eye Brightenin Gel review

Hey everybody *waves* I hope you are all well?
I recently went to Debenhams and picked up a beauty club card from one of the counters. You don't have to pay anything and start using the card right away (you register it online when you get home). This is a summary of the perks of the card.

  • NEW! Free delivery (enter code SHBC in your Shopping Bag)
  • NEW! Earn 5 points for every £1 you spend online
  • EARN 3 points per £1 in store when you spend £25
  • EXCLUSIVE gifts, offers and samples
  • FREE beauty makeovers
  • INSIDER tips & advice

When you get 500 points you get a five pound credit onto your card so it seems a win win situation to me!

This is what I bought online the two days ago and arrived today. 

I have used this for a few years but recently put it on hiatus so I could do a fair review on Garnier eye roll on (will do the review soon I promise). It depuffs, cools and brightens the eye and can be used under or over makeup. I feel it really does reduce the appearance of dark circles and defiantly reduces bags and puffiness. I have sensitive eyes and have no reaction to this WHATSOEVER which is brilliant too.
A great big thumbs up to this and I definitely recommend it to you.

Here is my video review on the eye gel and Beauty card

Lots of love
Rose xxx

Thursday, 17 May 2012

I Luuurve the 80's and Plus Size Outfit Dilemma

I have been loving all the eighties inspired clothes and makeup this season is offering. I feel like the 15 year old girl I was the first time round when I wore these styles as I had a yellow nail varnish then too (but no kids and a skinny body!).

Here is My 80's inspired nails:
Nails Inc £11.89
Boots Natural collection £1.89

I recently bought a stunning top on Ebay and today it arrived (yay!) but I am not sure how to style it. I think some sewing and cutting may be in order to sort it out to my atisfaction. It fits wonderfully in the waist and hips but the top is just all wrong. I wouldn't wear it with the top I wear in the photos I just put it on to show you what I mean.

Soooo Not A Good Look

I was really hoping to wear it as an over shirt with a tank/vest top underneath. What do you think? The pictures don't really do it justice as it is lovely and does have a tie belt with it too

This is the Ebay listing for it.If you want to look at how it should look.

I would really appreciate any advice that can be given to me regarding this thank you in advance.

Rose x

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Bewitched into an Amazing Beauty Haul! (honest) and Plus Size OOTD

What an interesting and unusual day I have had today. I am tired but happy as I sit her at my laptop wondering how to convey my total excitement at the way the day unfolded.
My day was supposed to start at 0900 after dropping the kids off at school with a nip to Debenhams for a beauty card (I have been meaning to get one for ages). It didn't get off to the best start as my friend felt ill so needed a bit longer (one and a half hours) to get ready but at least she was still coming. To kill this extra time I had I decided to film an outfit and face of the day (plus size). Since becoming part of the Internet beauty community I feel my confidence has come on in leaps and bounds and I want to promote a positive role model for the larger ladies and girls out there that you don't have to feel dowdy and self conscious you can be positive and feel beautiful. I did my best but it is a little shaky to say the least, form little acorns great oaks grow they say so I am sure I will get better at this as I go along.

Damn those thumbnails that is not a good photo lol.
Please feel free to comment on this video as feed back makes us better.

After I had finished my video my friend was ready so we went to the Trafford Centre Debenhams to get our beauty cards. It was so bright and sparkly in there we couldn't resist a browse and I was bewitched by some amazing Nails Inc nail polishes and the girl serving on the counter was so very lovely I had to buy a neon yellow polish to accent my ring finger when wearing tangerine (it has just GOT to be done!) and I had a lovely chat with her as well.

Nails Inc Polish in Carnaby Street

We had to pay at another till (do all beauty shops do this?) and whilst waiting behind a dithering women at the till I remarked to my friend that I was really dry and thirsty and couldn't wait to go for a drink. Lovely Nails Inc girl said would you like some water and got me an adorable little chilled bottle and found another till so I wouldn't have to stand around.

Chilled Heaven!

"This day cannot get any better!!!" you say.

Well it did............. I then went to Sanctuary Spa counter to get Brightening Eye Gel and there was no assistant to help me work out if the box set I was looking at contained the product I wanted (same name, different colour). I saw the Nails Inc girl and asked her for help and she pointed me in the right direction product wise and gave me loads of lovely free samples as well.

All the things in front of the box are freebies yay!

What a lovely day I have had *big smiley face*.

Thank you for reading

Rose xoxox

Monday, 14 May 2012

Just trying to get to grips with it and summer trends!

Well I am trying to bite the bullet so to speak and get to grips with my blog. I love babbling on about things and in particular makeup plus size clothes and beauty buzz.
Here are my predictions for summer 2012: I shall be obsessed with chiffon over-shirts brights and pastel nail varnishes, nail art, scarfs and maxi-dresses.
God bless the inventor of the maxi-dress, it is a style that literally suits EVERYONE and can be dressed p or down accordingly. I was wondering about doing outfit of the day (OOTD) on youtube to share my plus size styling? Not sure if anyone wants to see that or not?!? Let me know if you do.
Milkymoles youtube
Lots of kisses
 Two trends I am loving at the moment......... Spring nails and random different coloured nails on one hand.

This is a combo of two Essie colours and one Aldi colour. Can you tell which is which? I got so many compliments on these nails the other day I lost count (and yes, they were unsolicited!!!).
Don't even get me started on the amazing tangerine polish in Boots natural collection. They are amazing colours, quality of lastability (a real word?) and finish. The only bugbear is the brush is a bit pants but I managed with it.
Combo nails in Essie £ 9.95 each and Aldi lacura £1.99 each

  Natural Collection nail polish £1.89 or 3 items for £5.00 in Tangerine

I'm loving budget beauty finds at the moment and reviews coming on youtube soon.