Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Bewitched into an Amazing Beauty Haul! (honest) and Plus Size OOTD

What an interesting and unusual day I have had today. I am tired but happy as I sit her at my laptop wondering how to convey my total excitement at the way the day unfolded.
My day was supposed to start at 0900 after dropping the kids off at school with a nip to Debenhams for a beauty card (I have been meaning to get one for ages). It didn't get off to the best start as my friend felt ill so needed a bit longer (one and a half hours) to get ready but at least she was still coming. To kill this extra time I had I decided to film an outfit and face of the day (plus size). Since becoming part of the Internet beauty community I feel my confidence has come on in leaps and bounds and I want to promote a positive role model for the larger ladies and girls out there that you don't have to feel dowdy and self conscious you can be positive and feel beautiful. I did my best but it is a little shaky to say the least, form little acorns great oaks grow they say so I am sure I will get better at this as I go along.

Damn those thumbnails that is not a good photo lol.
Please feel free to comment on this video as feed back makes us better.

After I had finished my video my friend was ready so we went to the Trafford Centre Debenhams to get our beauty cards. It was so bright and sparkly in there we couldn't resist a browse and I was bewitched by some amazing Nails Inc nail polishes and the girl serving on the counter was so very lovely I had to buy a neon yellow polish to accent my ring finger when wearing tangerine (it has just GOT to be done!) and I had a lovely chat with her as well.

Nails Inc Polish in Carnaby Street

We had to pay at another till (do all beauty shops do this?) and whilst waiting behind a dithering women at the till I remarked to my friend that I was really dry and thirsty and couldn't wait to go for a drink. Lovely Nails Inc girl said would you like some water and got me an adorable little chilled bottle and found another till so I wouldn't have to stand around.

Chilled Heaven!

"This day cannot get any better!!!" you say.

Well it did............. I then went to Sanctuary Spa counter to get Brightening Eye Gel and there was no assistant to help me work out if the box set I was looking at contained the product I wanted (same name, different colour). I saw the Nails Inc girl and asked her for help and she pointed me in the right direction product wise and gave me loads of lovely free samples as well.

All the things in front of the box are freebies yay!

What a lovely day I have had *big smiley face*.

Thank you for reading

Rose xoxox