Friday, 29 June 2012

Why I put snail goo on my face .A review on Dr Jart Regenerative BB cream (silver label)

  So, it seems that everyone and his wife are making and selling BB creams at the moment (well lots of cosmetic brands anyway!). What is all the fuss about? Well BB creams or blemish balms originated in  the 50's in Germany and not as many believe Japan or Korea. They were invented by a dermatologist called Dr Christine Schrammek to protect and heal skin while givng light coverage following surgery/lazer procedures. (1)

I have been interested in the use of BB creams for the past year but lamented that most in the uk appear to be nothing more than tinted moisturizers. So when I heard from @wildkatmakeup on youtube that Dr Jart BB creams were to be released in Boots stores last week I virtually ran to The Trafford Center to get some. 

This is the one I chose (after a bit of research and some online consultation with wildkat). And feel it is reasonably priced at £21.00 for 50ml.
 You can buy it here 


On arrivinng home and having a proper look at the cream I was more than a little disconcerted to find that one of the ingreadients is filtrated snail secrection!!!!
SNAIL SECRETION OMG!!  I was a little put off to say the least but after more online research it seems that snail slime is really good for the skin so in the interests of science (beauty) I desided to give it a go. I have applied it morning and night (yes night too!) to a cleansed face and so far I am mega impressed with the results. I have acne rosacea with lots of spots and redness and my skin has MASSIVELY improved with redness reduced and skin smoother and softer.

Me wearing a light application of bb cream and eye oil from le Belle natural skincare

 For a review of Le Belle skincare eye oil click here.

So, what's the verdict? I love it and though I am am jumping the gun a little to review this after only one week I am that impressed that I had to share this with you all.

Thanks for reading and please give constructive comments. 
Rose xxxx

 (1) BB Cream: The Next Big Thing In Beauty?. Huffington Post Canada. January 24, 2012