Sunday, 12 August 2012

Big hair from limp hair.

Hi everyone!

As my regular followers will know I have really fine limp hair that is too soft and well conditioned (imagine hair bobbles and  clips slipping out and you get the idea!).
I bought a babyliss big hair dryer in my quest for a little body and it is remarkable the difference it makes to shine, smoothness and fullness. I have a video demonstrating my use of it here

In addition I used my Denman teasing and grooming brush which you can buy from amazon Here.
It is by far the best teasing and grooming brush I have every owned, I now have one in my car too!!

Elnette very volume hairspray helps lock in the whole look and the results speak for themself

Please do not be alarmed!!!! This is my hair before

Smooth super shiny hair during

And the results, lovely full hair

Buy the products HERE

Denman Teasing & grooming brush 

Elnette Very Volume 

Babyliss Big Hair 

Thanks for reading