Thursday, 31 January 2013

Candle Luuuurve!

Hi everyone,
I want to say thank you so much to all the good wishes I have had on Twitter and Facebook from people, it really means a lot and in no small way has helped me on the way to feeling happier. I have unfortunately had a flare up of rheumatoid arthritis and possibly my mystery anaemia so off for blood tests in the morning (joy!!!).
So I have been developing a serious candle and tart addiction whilst I have been on hiatus (so to speak . For those of you who don't know ('cos seriously I didn't) tarts are highly scented wax shapes with no wick that you heat to release the fragrance in an oil/tart burner. I did tons of hunting around and finally settled on this tart burner as it fitted in best with the style and taste of my d├ęcor.

It was £7.00 including delivery and free simmering granules* (I got lavender and they are amazing) you can buy one from Ebay HERE.

*Simmering granules are coarse salt soaked in dye and fragrance which you warm in an oil burner to give off scent. Again, I had never heard of these!!

I also bought some Yankee candles and tarts, which smell divine and I am sure most of you have heard of, as well as taking a chance on some home made ones from Ebay. I bought my yankee candle at a bargain price off Amazon £10.99 including delivery. Whilst on Amazon I found some mega cheap Yankee tarts too! I particularly love the christmas cupcake one as I only broke a tiny piece off and the smell filled my whole room!! Delicious!!  If you click on my little tart picture below it will take you to Amazon and you can get one too!

Of course the candle madness didin't end there. Off Ebay from a private seller I bought a dewberry candle, which is so adorable in its little jam jar and smells fantastic when lit.

It was £6.99 including delivery and I will definitely be getting some more from the seller who is HERE, I cannot wait to try some of the other scents.

So what have you been doing lately? I love to hear from you all
Take care and don't spend too much

PS I bought everything in this post with my own fair money. I have included affiliate links to products I have bought from Amazon which eventually will help me to keep buying stuff blogging! I actually have made no money from this blog but one day maybe it will happen (a girl can dream right?).

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Wonder Cloth Review

Hi everyone sorry it is a while since I posted but I have been down lately and as this blog is motivated by my enthusiasm for things I want to share there was little to say....... Anyhooo I am back and can't wait to share this cloth with you all.
I have to admit it was a pure impulse/curiosity buy on my part a Christmas pressie to me if you will. I was in TKmaxx priced at £6.99 and I was impressed by the blurb on the box and couldn't wait to give it a go.
So, what was the blurb?

*taken from website



  • Removes all your make-up naturally with just water.
  • The cloth washes clean with just water-no stains remain on the cloth.
  • Naturally deep cleanses the skin
  • Removes all dirt, oil and pollutants trapped in your skin
  • Exfoliates with the smoothest and the most delicate silky feeling
  • Your complexion becomes smoother, softer and healthier
  • Safe for use on delicate or sensitive skin
  • RE-USABLE - ECONOMICAL - Use Wonder Cloth over and over
  • Perfectly safe – No harsh chemicals
  • Ideal for face and body
  • Perfect to bathe your baby.

Pretty impressive claims don't you think? Well I have to tell you they are all completely true!!!!! The cloth cleans all makeup with Just H2O and rinses completely clean afterwards. It is soft and fluffy and drys out on the radiator for use the next day. Absolutely brilliant product but I am not sure if they have them in TKMaxx any more but I found this (CLICK HERE) on Amazon and would definitely buy again (unfortunately not as cheap but meh!).  Here are some before and after photos for you with shots of the cloth. 

Lovely soft and fluffy

Before with "end of day" makeup

After!! I have a little eye makeup left

Thanks for reading.
 What do you think of the "Wonder Cloth"?