Thursday, 28 February 2013

(pretty) Please be my friend! WIMH (What's in my Handbag)

Hello everyone,
I am struggling to know what to call this post as I don't want to sound like a spam mail or an infomercial (Invite for my readers to try high end brands for free? If so read on?!?). I really want to share this as I believe it is a great site and will be mutually beneficial to us both. I was given the opportunity some months back to join a site called "what's in my Handbag" It is a site where users can share the contents of their handbag and products they love. It is a great way to discover new products and learn more about products you are curious about or wish to try.  You can also upload your own bag for others to peruse too! I love "what's in my handbag" videos on youtube and even did one myself which I will link below for you to watch. If this isn't enough to entice you read the following benefits below
1. They also have exclusive "try" products where you can apply for a sample of products for free. 
2. Member reviews on products to give you a balanced idea of whether a product is 'for you' or not.
3. Online magazine with great articles
4. exclusive personally tailored offers sent to you based on your 'wants' list.
5. THIS IS THE BEST IN MY OPINION!!! If you buy anything from the online shop they send you a trial item to try risk free, so you can return the full size product for a full refund if it doesn't suit you for any reason at all!!!!

Here is my handbag video for you to have a nosey at!

In case you are wondering if I receive anything for sharing my invite link why I am sharing my link I will explain friend bonuses
1. If you have 10 friends you get to add 10 bonus 'wants' to your  wish list.
2. If you have 25 friends you get a £25 beauty gift.
3. If you have 50 friends you get a £25 Selfridges voucher.
It really is the site that keeps on giving :-)

What's in my handbag invite code link, click here!

So will you be my friend? What do you think of the site
Thanks for reading

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Aqeela's Weekly Makeup Tag Challenge - Natural Look

Hi everyone,
I have been watching Aqeela and other bloggers doing her weekly makeup tags and was delighted when she said I could join in with my natural look. You can check out her blog HERE and see the previous looks she has tagged. Aqeela does great eye makeup tutorials, reviews and more. Here are my looks and here is a link to her brilliant blog post JUST CLICK HERE !!

Makeup I used to create this looks are listed below

Sleek I-Divine pallet in origianl which you can buy HERE FOR £7.99 
Dr Jart BB cream which you can buy HERE
Revlon 'Just bitten' kissable lip balm stain on the lips in the shade 'Darling' HERE
Jelly Pong Pong Lip Frosting in Irish Cream Pavlova which I got from Glossy box and I have no idea where you can get it from except ebay.
Maybelline Master Precise liquid eye-liner you can buy HERE
Natio Mineral pressed powder which you can buy HERE
Rimmel Professional eye brow pencil you can buy HERE
Rimmel extra wow lash mascara in black which you can buy from HERE
Finally the base was finished with the following products all of which I have received as gifts or prizes over the past few months which are as follows:
Bronzer from Boots natural collection, collection 2000 Moziac glow highlighting powder,wet & wild bronzer in a dark shade to contour and Too faced blusher in "pinch my petals"

Well....... it takes a lot of product to look this natural!!!! I will do a tutorial post if anyone would like me too for this or any other looks.

What do use to create your "natural look"? 
See you soon.


Saturday, 2 February 2013

YMR Dermaroller/micro needling, Does it Work? AKA The Quest for the Fountain of Youth

Hi everyone,
I have been meaning to write this for some time as I am constantly trying new gimmicks and things in my quest for a wrinkle free face. Let me just start by telling you a little about me and my face. I am 40 years old and thankfully have few lines to mention with a frown line being my biggest concern. My skin is combination and temperamental with tenancies toward acne at times.
I have read about dermarolling/micro needling and did lots of on-line research before considering giving it a try. People have had fantastic success with it smoothing acne scars and reducing wrinkles on the face. It didn't seem to have any negative factors to it except the pain aspect and a minor risk of infection if not carried out hygienically.
This is the dermaroller I bought, it was on offer on Groupon so reasonably priced.

It was really difficult to capture the needles on film as they a only 0.2mm long so weeny!! It arrived in a sealed package and I could not wait to try it. So here is the bottom line.............
1. Does it hurt? Yes like mad (well like having needles rolled repeatedly over your face)
2. Do you bleed? No the needles are not long enough.
3. What do you look like immediately after treatment? Red and blotchy.
4. What do you look like the next day? Fine a little sensitive (like you have had needles rolled repeatedly over your face)
5. Does it work? NO NO and NO!!! All pain and no gain. I did it 3 times and saw no result at all. There is no doubt that dermarolling is an effective treatment, however it is not a home treatment. The needles needed to make a difference do draw blood, do need a local anaesthetic, and do need a qualified practitioner.
In short "Don't try this at home

(I am not going to describe how to do it as I am by no means an expert and it would be irresponsible of me to act like I was for you. Also I feel my experience was so negative it was not a product I can by any means recommend trying. This is why I have included no purchase links either)

Thank you for reading, what mad things have you tried for your quest for beauty?