Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Ribbet Free Online Photo Editing Service

Hello everyone,
I was in the spare room the other day when I noticed a photo on the windowsill face down. I picked it up to see what it was and was horrified to see a precious photo of my dear friend Julia and her mum (who is sadly now deceased) had another photo fused to it. The photo is damaged and knowing Julia would be devastated I Quickly scanned it into my computer and dashed to to see what I could do to rectify the damage. I love the easy one click tools, and you should really check it out as at the moment premium features are free. It is a great site that turns anyone (even if you have NO basic photo editing skills) into a producer of professional looking photos for reprinting, blogging and much more. I have to be honest and knowing it was such a really important photograph I asked the lovely approachable Ribbet team for some help, and this is the result.

The beautiful photo itself

I am so impressed with site and staff that I am going to make a link in my sidebar so you can all go and have a look at how easy it is.
PS did I mention it is free? !!!!!
PPS I am not being paid, sponsored or in any other way renumerated for this post or the advert I am going to run.

Thank you for reading.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Harry's Volcano Made in Geography Club - Guest Post!!

My volcano!

Hi my name is Harry and I'm writing this to tell you about a model volcano I made in geography club. I decided to go a bit out of the ordinary; things like it's round,there's a dead guy drew on a scrap newspaper ,but mine isn't the only one.For instance, the guy next to me had a square one!
Oh, and mine spews gold and silver.

So now i'm going to tell you how I made my volcano.

.1 First I got a sheet of cardboard.

.2 Then I cut off the flaps.

Lava River

.3After that, I got another sheet of cardboard and twisted it to a cylinder, stuffed it full of colored tissue and used a card tube to make a route for the liquid

. 4Then, I made the shape of the top.

Top View
. 5 Finally I made my river, it's dead guy and painted!

Dead Guy In river
. Sorry! I  forgot to make a side vent  you just stick a pencil in the side, that's all from me goodbye!
Side vent