Tuesday, 10 November 2015

An open letter to Trisha Paytas

An open letter to Trisha Paytas

Dear Trish,

 I know why you fall for unavailable ( see note below post) guys. It is because they are unable to love you so it takes uncertainty away. When with them you will feel special because they are "choosing" to be with you when they are unavailable in reality. You have programmed yourself to expect hurt and crushing disappointment ( I cannot tell you why this is as I am not privy to your full life). Being with an unavailable guy makes you feel special because they chose you... You are your own prom queen for a day, f**k all the people in your life who made you feel less than worthy, you are the chosen one! How do I know this? Because I am just like you. I too have had my heart shredded by no less than 3 unavailable guys. I am alone; BUT, this is not sad, this is my choice. Please find your reasons for doing this, let go of past hurt and realise you ARE worthy. You are an amazing, zany, beautiful girl. You are worthy so much more.

All my love

Rose xxx

Authors note: unavailable guys can be anything from emotional fuckwitts to married/in a relationship. I am not drawing any comparisons or stating the use of this word one way or the other.

To check out Trisha further just google her, you will get plenty of hits