All About Rose (That's Me!)

Hello lovely reader,
 I am a curvy beauty obsessed girl who loves to share things I am excited about with like-minded people.I blog about anything that inspires me on that day and it can literally be ANYTHING!! I have twin boys who are ten and occasionally pop up on here and youtube as they love to help me with 'stuff' (more cooking than beauty, well they are boys!).

I do get sent things to review and will ALWAYS  give my honest review of them so you can rely on my blog for advice and information. I don't make any money from this blog but have a dream of one day being asked to write an article in a newspaper or magazine.
I am an active advocate for body acceptance and hope to be able to get to plus North in 2013 so I can meet some of my fellow plus size bloggers who have all become people I class as my friends.
As with some of my fellow bloggers and vloggers (not all of course) I suffer from anxieties and depressions which makes this blog a wonderful way to connect with people and also an outlet for my creativities.

I am strongly opposed to bullying in any form and believe in promoting body, mental health and multicultural diversity acceptance.

That is all (for now!!) I welcome comments/email and can always be found on twitter for a chat