Friday, 29 June 2012

Why I put snail goo on my face .A review on Dr Jart Regenerative BB cream (silver label)

  So, it seems that everyone and his wife are making and selling BB creams at the moment (well lots of cosmetic brands anyway!). What is all the fuss about? Well BB creams or blemish balms originated in  the 50's in Germany and not as many believe Japan or Korea. They were invented by a dermatologist called Dr Christine Schrammek to protect and heal skin while givng light coverage following surgery/lazer procedures. (1)

I have been interested in the use of BB creams for the past year but lamented that most in the uk appear to be nothing more than tinted moisturizers. So when I heard from @wildkatmakeup on youtube that Dr Jart BB creams were to be released in Boots stores last week I virtually ran to The Trafford Center to get some. 

This is the one I chose (after a bit of research and some online consultation with wildkat). And feel it is reasonably priced at £21.00 for 50ml.
 You can buy it here 


On arrivinng home and having a proper look at the cream I was more than a little disconcerted to find that one of the ingreadients is filtrated snail secrection!!!!
SNAIL SECRETION OMG!!  I was a little put off to say the least but after more online research it seems that snail slime is really good for the skin so in the interests of science (beauty) I desided to give it a go. I have applied it morning and night (yes night too!) to a cleansed face and so far I am mega impressed with the results. I have acne rosacea with lots of spots and redness and my skin has MASSIVELY improved with redness reduced and skin smoother and softer.

Me wearing a light application of bb cream and eye oil from le Belle natural skincare

 For a review of Le Belle skincare eye oil click here.

So, what's the verdict? I love it and though I am am jumping the gun a little to review this after only one week I am that impressed that I had to share this with you all.

Thanks for reading and please give constructive comments. 
Rose xxxx

 (1) BB Cream: The Next Big Thing In Beauty?. Huffington Post Canada. January 24, 2012

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Le Belle Natural Skin Care Eye Serum with Q10 Review

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*I was lucky to be chosen to review a product from Le Belle Skin Care and was sent eye serum in the form of an oil. I was skeptical about the idea of oil on the face and Wish to state that this review is without bias and I am not being paid to write this.*

The product itself!

I was very pleased with my initial view of the Q10 eye Serum, it is a sturdy glass bottle with a roller-ball applicator. The directions tell you to apply a little to the eye contour and pat in. This is the makers "blurb":

Our light and quickly absorbed oil serum hydrates the delicate eye area and helps to reduce the depth of fine lines and crow’s feet.
Our deluxe formula includes co-enzyme Q10 to soften lines and rosehip seed oil to promote elastin levels.  Argan oil restores the skin’s water lipid layer and hemp seed oil rich in omega 3 and 6.   Calendula flower oil, acai, andiroba, copaiba oils rich in active antioxidants.
Directions: Less is more, you only need a small amount.  Roll the serum under the eye contour area, then pat with ring finger until oil is absorbed.
INGREDIENTS: Rosa Rubiginosa Seed Oil (organic rosehip seed oil), Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil (organic argan oil), Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil (organic hemp seed oil), Tocopheryl (natural vitamin E), Ubiquinone, Tocopherol, C12-15 Alkyl  Benzoate (co-enzyme Q10 with vitamin E), Copaifera Officinalis Resin, Carapa Guaianensis Seed Oil, Euterpe Oleracea Fruit Oil (naturally active ingredient), Calendula Officinalis Flower CO2 Extract (calendula CO2 extract), Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Extract, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil (organic rosemary antioxidant)

Copyright belongs to La Belle Skincare for these words. 

Amenndment to post  21st June 2012   

As requested here is a picture of me a few weeks before I tried the eye cream.  
PLEASE NOTE: since this picture was taken I have been doing Japanese skin shaving regime and my overall skin texture has improved BUT it is not done on the eyes so any difference is not due to that.
 x Rose

This is me before, I did not contrive to wear no eye makeup I was taking a picture to check my base before applying makeup, as this is a clear picture of my eyes I chose to use it here. There is no age recommended for using this serum, I can only comment regarding my puffiness fine lines.

I am wearing the same foundation, concealer and powder in this picture, as you can see I don't have tons of lines just fine ones and some puffiness

I have to be honest I was a little frightened at the prospect of applying oil to my eye area as I have had bad experiences with oily eye-creams before (and don't get me started on the preparation H on my eye debacle!!). On examination the oil smelled faintly herbal and was quite thick and yellow in consistency, it rather reminded me of olive oil. I tried it last thing at night on a clean cleansed eye area and went to sleep scared.

The next day the eye was puffiness free and looked fine so I applied it to my cleansed face before commencing my usual makeup routine and was amazed at the eye area looking so smooth and bright! I would definitely recommend this to all ages and skin type and here is a picture. (PS I AM 40 in October so be kind!)

My fine lines in the eye area are reduced and the skin is smoother. I am wearing the same makeup as the first picture but also eye liner, mascara and a neutral eye shadow.

Any way thanks for reading and don't for get to check out my youtube

Rose xxx

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Herman The German Friendship Cake

Hello everyone, this isn't a beauty or fashion post but a cakey blog instead!

I did not know what I was letting myself in for when I received some of the bubbly faintly yeasty/alcohol smelling batter off a mum friend at school. It came with a strict feeding/care routine and seemed to have a fragile existence.

"If you put me in the fridge I'll DIE, If you do not feed me I'll DIE, if I stop bubbling I'm DEAD!" (My word I was frightened).

I put him in a dish, stirred him and followed the "rules" for ten days at which point you are supposed to split him into 4 and make the cake(keep 1, bake 1, give 2 away). He had already outgrown two bowls but the children were away for the weekend so I kept feeding him and mixing him until he was bubbling over his bowl like an alien invader!! At this point a mercy kill had to happen and half of him 'accidentally' went down the sink leaving the rest of him to bubble and feed in peace (mercifully the children didn't notice!).

Raw Herman

Eventually we had a lull in the madness and made him. The only alterations being I put chocolate raisin in and omitted the spices. I was not expecting much but OH MY Goodness he was delicious (at this point I was regretting another sneaky sink accident!) We ate the lot and all felt really sickly afterwards.

The upshot of this is if you get chance of a Herman grab it with both hands and make him, he is delicious (if somewhat of a commitment!)

He has his own website if you want to check it out further!

Herman The German Click here for website x

See you soon


Sunday, 3 June 2012

May favourites.

Hello I am going to share my May excitable favorites with you all. It is so hard to pin it down to a few items but here I go *deep breath*

The Essie Polishes
Firstly, I have been CrAzY about nail polish this month. I am loving the contrasts in the trends with acid neons, flat pastels and metallic brights. If I have to pin down just one look it would be this.

Little finger and middle finger Lacura polish in 171, other fingers Essie polish

I love soft pink lipcolours this month and revlon lipbutters are hard to beat, I adore the feel and coverage you get with Strawberry cheese cake and it looks like this.

Revlon lip butter, Japanese Lashes and side plait

For hair it has to be the side plait!! it is a godsend in the heat and humidity and suits just about any one too!
Any style be it up or down can not help but be enhanced by sleeprollers, I did a review on them if you want to check it out?
They are so easy to use and tame my frizzy locks with no problem at all.

excuse my spotty face but it IS bedtime lol

My smell of the month is Alien Eau de toilette by Thierry Muglar
Love it!
(seriously how do you pronounce that??!?) I got a weeny little sample from Debenhams online and can't wait until I can afford to buy it. Only criticism of it is the smell does not last and you have to use it every few hours or so but I may try the pafum to see if I like that too.

 Anyhoo thanks for listening and don't forget to check out my giveaway on youtube

Rose xxx

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