How to make a Vegan, Fat Free Gingerbread House

Making a Fat Free Gingerbread House With "The Boys" Hello everyone, I was on twitter asking if anyone wanted me to do a guest post and Kim was there for me and I said I would make my fat free, vegan gingerbread house for her! The original recipe can be found here  on but I modified it slightly for my needs. Roses Fat Free Vegan Gingerbread House! 1 teaspoon vanilla 2 cups of self raising flour 1 heaped teaspoon baking powder 1 teaspoon ginger powder 1/2 cup molasses sugar (you can use soft dark brown sugar) 1/2 cup sugar 100mls (or however much you need to make a dough) fresh orange juice Directions: Preheat oven to 160c (fan oven) or 180c 1 Mix the sugars and orange juice with the baking powder 2 add to the dry ingredients and mix until you can form a dough (you may have to add more flour if it is sticky or orange if it is too dry 3 Knead the dough until it is smooth 4 flour the surfaces and roll out cutti

An open letter to Trisha Paytas

An open letter to Trisha Paytas Dear Trish,  I know why you fall for unavailable ( see note below post) guys. It is because they are unable to love you so it takes uncertainty away. When with them you will feel special because they are "choosing" to be with you when they are unavailable in reality. You have programmed yourself to expect hurt and crushing disappointment ( I cannot tell you why this is as I am not privy to your full life). Being with an unavailable guy makes you feel special because they chose you... You are your own prom queen for a day, f**k all the people in your life who made you feel less than worthy, you are the chosen one! How do I know this? Because I am just like you. I too have had my heart shredded by no less than 3 unavailable guys. I am alone; BUT, this is not sad, this is my choice. Please find your reasons for doing this, let go of past hurt and realise you ARE worthy. You are an amazing, zany, beautiful girl. You are worthy so much more.

Giveaway - Eden Natural Nail Polish Remover! Guest Post from the Owner of Feminine Wear Eco/body (& Purse!) Friendly Products

A quick word from Rose!  {I am pleased to introduce this international giveaway via a guest post. I am a huge fan of my guest blogger Teresa, whom I met via ordering from her years before I started blogging myself. I have been an advocate for reusable menstrual products for a number of years now, as I am allergic to the mega expensive and environmentally unfriendly products most women use. Just for a moment I'd like you to visualize the amount of towels/tampons you use per month, multiply that amount by a  year for every year you menstruate. If, like me, you feel that's a lot of landfill and wasted money read on!!} I have known Rose for a few years as a customer and Facebook friend, although we have never met. Maybe we will one day, who knows. I have been asked to talk about my business and the products that I sell. Some of you may have heard of Feminine Wear through Rose already, I sell washable and reusable menstrual products through my

Book review- The Forever Whale by Sarah Lean

 Hello all, Phew! It has been a hot hot HOT couple of weeks in the UK and I have been so busy having fun in the sun I haven't blogged in ages (did you miss me?!) . i was very lucky to be sent some lovely books for the boys to read and review a couple of weeks ago and knowing what avid readers we all are in this house I knew the would devour them!! I will do two reviews for the two authors they have read and start with the more "girly" of the two. I was a little worried they would not be able to get past the factg that these are obviously marketed at girls but they agreed to give them a go as I promised they would not be forced to read them if they found them unenjoyable. Anyhoo........... I shall begin. The Forever Whale by Sarah Lean This is the blurb on the book: A powerful, extraordinary story from the bestselling author of ‘A Dog Called Homeless’. Hannah adores her Grandad. The trouble is, Grandad has Alzheimer's and he’s always forgetting things. H

My first ever filling experience at Calm Dental Urmston

Hi everybody, I was not impressed when I found out I had to have my first ever filling. I mean this is my "thing" (not having any fillings) and I was really proud of this. I had a lot of orthodontic treatment growing up, one of which involved the extraction of 6 teeth in one day, not because they were bad, but because my mouth was overcrowded as I have a small mouth and jawline (now stop with the jokes, I have heard them all before!!!). This resulted in a smile I can be proud of and teeth that get complimented  A LOT, and due to some freakish luck and special care I have never had a filling........ Until now. I love my dental practice anyway, but my latest excursion and experience has lead my to write this post in the way of a little thank you to all the staff there (click here to meet them all!!)  and share my experience (of course!) with all of you. The waiting area and reception are lovely, tastefully decorated and relaxing with comfortable chairs and nice am
When I saw Nykki was looking for co-hosts for her bloghop I jumped at the chance to join in. As any of you who follow me on twitter probably know my blogging and vlogging has been sporadic lately due to a prolonged bout of ill health. I am feeling so much better and starting to embrace blogging and vlogging again so this seems a perfect opportunity to reconnect with old friends and to meet some new ones.  Thank you to Nykki & also to you dear reader Join {us} in this awesome & fun Blog Hop {that has an incredibly long name}...   ♥  When life gives you links... Follow Them. Friday Blog Hop.  ♥ For short; let's call it - the  Follow Them. Blog Hop or #Followthembh - We are keeping this one short and simple. 1. Subscribe to the host of this blog hop {first link in the linky} 2. Subscribe to the two co-hosts of this blog hop {second two links in the linky} 3. Check out at least {3} of the links before you & come back next week to start again. Interested in Co-H

Today I'm Gonna Party like it's 1989!!! Or smells like teen Angst.

Hello everyone, Phew! It's hot! I went out with a friend yesterday and this what I wore for the day. I love maxi-dresses and this one is from Yours clothing online from about 2 seasons ago (maxi dress equals good investment!) The denim jacket is from yours clothing and has a plaited shoulder detail, crop styling and no collar. I find collars can be irritating if you wear your hair down as they can mess up the style (or is it just me?) I hope you like it and I also hope that I am showing that style and fashion has no age or size limits. The title is reference to the fact that I love that denim is back in a big way andd is giving me that "I'm 15 again" feeling.  I would love if you would "hype me" on lookbook and it is a lovly easy site to use so go check it out and maybe get your own page there too? Thanks so much for reading