Sunday, 10 June 2012

Herman The German Friendship Cake

Hello everyone, this isn't a beauty or fashion post but a cakey blog instead!

I did not know what I was letting myself in for when I received some of the bubbly faintly yeasty/alcohol smelling batter off a mum friend at school. It came with a strict feeding/care routine and seemed to have a fragile existence.

"If you put me in the fridge I'll DIE, If you do not feed me I'll DIE, if I stop bubbling I'm DEAD!" (My word I was frightened).

I put him in a dish, stirred him and followed the "rules" for ten days at which point you are supposed to split him into 4 and make the cake(keep 1, bake 1, give 2 away). He had already outgrown two bowls but the children were away for the weekend so I kept feeding him and mixing him until he was bubbling over his bowl like an alien invader!! At this point a mercy kill had to happen and half of him 'accidentally' went down the sink leaving the rest of him to bubble and feed in peace (mercifully the children didn't notice!).

Raw Herman

Eventually we had a lull in the madness and made him. The only alterations being I put chocolate raisin in and omitted the spices. I was not expecting much but OH MY Goodness he was delicious (at this point I was regretting another sneaky sink accident!) We ate the lot and all felt really sickly afterwards.

The upshot of this is if you get chance of a Herman grab it with both hands and make him, he is delicious (if somewhat of a commitment!)

He has his own website if you want to check it out further!

Herman The German Click here for website x

See you soon