Wonderbag cookery

Hi everyone,
I recently bought a Wonderbag which if you don't know looks more like a beanbag chair or pet bed than anything to do with cooking. 

Mine is a lovey orange pumpkin and I am was so  excited when it arrived but hit a problem as unfortunately I didn't have a suitable pot to put in it.A quick bit of research regarding sizes and types of pots followed by a trip to Ebay and I bought this 9inch aluminium casserole. The pot needs to be a good conductive material with side handles and the correct size for the purpose (too big will loose heat in the airspace between food and lid). My pot cost £11.99 delivered and is perfect and sturdy, worth noting though that the begger gets hot handles on the side and lid so be careful!!! I am going to get some smaller ones for rice pudding and porridge from the same seller as it is a bit big for the smaller amounts!

insert photo of bag and pot

Click this link to buy a casserole pot.

Click here to buy a Wonderbag. 

The first thing I made was porridge in my Wonderbag and I was so excited to do it I think I got a little bit giddy and broke my cardinal rule and didn't measure!! I boiled some milk on the stove and then chucked rather too much porridge in the pot! I stirred it, lidded it, bagged it and left it overnight. I was so excited the next day but was greeted by what can only be described as a "porridge cake" in my pot! It was however cooked and hot so a quick glug of milk and a bash about with a wooden spoon on the stove and, hey presto, Porridge!! Admittedly there was enough to feed the whole street but you live and learn and it was delicious.

Today I have adapted one of the recipes in the little cook book they give you to make some creamy chicken. I will put the recipe below for you but it is all going great so far and I can't believe it is 11 AM and I am sat down blogging with tea already made!

My Creamy low fat one pot chicken
Serves 3

insert chicken photo

200mls of chicken/veg stock (or wine)
100mls water
3 fist sized potatoes
3 Sainburys basic chicken quarters with skin on
teaspoon of oil
100g low fat cream cheese
1 tablespoon flour
1 teaspoon of Dijon mustard
garlic to taste

First get the pot hot and add oil, brown the chicken to golden turning it as needed. When it browning take off the skin and discard (I do it this way so the chicken won't dry out). add the flour and coat the chicken by stirring it round the pot, don't worry about bits sticking to the bottom of the pan that is fine and adds to the flavour. Next add the stock and stir whilst de-glazing (scraping) the bottom of the pan to get all the yummy flavours mixed. Throw in all the other ingredients and bring to a boil giving it a good stir. Cover with the lid and reduce the heat to low for 15 minutes whilst you have a brew and relax!!

After 15 minutes put it in the bag, tighten it up and leave for 4 to 6 hours (or longer as it cannot overcook).

My porridge

serves 4 generous portions

4 cups of porridge oats
8 cups of boiled milk or water

Last thing at night put the porridge in the pot, pour on boiled liquid, lid it, bag it, leave it. Go to bed, get up and serve!!

It really is that simple I promise.
You can adapt most recipes that are pot cooked and you get tons of ideas from the website and cook book they give you. Just remember you will need to reduce the amount of fluid used in traditional cooking or reduce it down before serving (just remove meat like chicken to avoid drying it out).

Now for the great news for the planet

The Wonderbag company do a scheme called "Buy One Give One" which basically means that for every Wonderbag sold , they give one to a family in Africa. They have already given to 150,000 African homes which will cut their average fuel usage by around 30%. This will help them to save them money and reduce the family's poverty. Also it will reduce not only your cooking bill and carbon footprint but free you up to to spend more time with your family in the evening rather than being frazzled in the kitchen.

Hope you enjoyed this and see you all soon
Rose xxx

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