Saturday, 7 July 2012

How to get full shiny hair from limp dull hair.

A shiny plait!

Let me start by saying this has been a lifelong battle between me and my naturally limp (yet frizzy) dull hair. I have tried in the past to add shine with products only to end up with flat greasy hair so I didn't hold out much hope of this changing so was delighted with the results of my latest experiment. 

I first washed my hair with Tresseme colour protect using a technique my hairdresser showed me. You rub shampoo into your palms and apply it to dry hair at the roots giving it a good massage in, then wash hair as normal. I followed this with a shine enhancing conditioner from organic surge which you can buy here and all new customers get 15% off their first order. The conditioner blurb is as follows

For normal hair

Shine Boost Conditioner combines grapeseed oil and wheat protein to smooth and detangle. Natural moisturisers help to smooth and gloss the hair while antioxidant vitamin E protects from environmental damage. Shine Boost Conditioner gently detangles and glosses, leaving your hair feeling soft and healthy, with a brilliant, natural shine.

I followed this with Alterna Hemp organics thickening compound which was sent to me as a present from Clara at beauteaddict blog   I used an amount about the size of 50 pence piece and applied from tips to roots. It is a white cream and feels like a conditioner and claims to reduce drying time (it does!!) and thicken hair (also does!!). I dried it with my Babyliss Big hair rotating brush hair dryer and was delighted with the smooth shiny hair that resulted and looked like this.

Before, sectioned off
After, shiny and smooth

A closer look.
Buy Alterna here

But Wait......... It is very shiny but will it hold a tease???

Before a tease, smooth and shiny.

You're darn tooting it will!!!!

AND it still looks smooth and shiny, yay!!

I definitely recommend these to any one who has dull limp hair as the results speak for themselves.

 PS Sorry for my no makeup face and jammies on this post I can only spend time on my hair last thing at night when the boys are in bed lol.

Thanks for reading
Rose xxx