Friday, 26 October 2012

Exciting International Giveaway-Get Captivating for Christmas!

Would you like to look glamorous and sexy for Christmas? Who doesn't want to lose a few pounds before the party season begins? Skinny sprinkles have created a marvelous giveaway package to help you to achieve just that.

A set of sleep rollers in a bag for big hair glamor.
A tub of Skinny sprinkles to melt the pounds away quicker than a blow torch on snow.

 Ends November 30th

Complete the following below to be in with a chance of winning these AMAZING prizes. AND, even if you don't win the generous people at Skinny Sprinkles have also given me a special discount code for AN AMAZING 20% off until November 30th for you lovely reader to use. Everyone is a winner, yay!!!!

Roses Skinny Sprinkles Blog post with 20% discount code

Sleep rollers review here

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Friday, 19 October 2012

Skinny Sprinkles 20% Discount code and review

Great news everyone, I am so excited to be able to share this with you all......Are you ready for this?

Woo hoo!I have a code to share for 20% discount until 30th November, enter ROSE20

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original blogpost here


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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Skinny sprinkles review with recipes & video.

Hello everyone!
I was delighted when I was recently sent a tub of of the wonderfully kitsch skinny sprinkles diet aid to try. I have been following a low fat diet since the end of August and have, at times, struggled with feeling hungry. Skinny sprinkles not only help suppress your appetite but also boost your energy and metabolism, AND, 3 scoops is one of your five a day!!!

Happy me with the wonderfully retro Skinny Sprinkles tub

Here is the website blurb:

How can Skinny Sprinkles® help me lose weight?
Skinny Sprinkles® is scientifically proven to aid weight reduction by curbing your appetite and reducing hunger. Quite simply Skinny Sprinkles® makes you feel full! Take 30 minutes before a meal or as a snack replacement to suppress the appetite. *Studies show weight loss of up to 2lbs/0.91kg a week in overweight adults.

Impressive stuff eh? I bet you are thinking three things now (I know I was).
1. I bet it tastes vile.
2. I would get board of it pretty quick.
3. There must be some side effects.
To address these concerns:
1. I can truthfully say it is delicious! If you like strawberries you will like this.
2. You will not get bored as it is more versatile than you can imagine with tons of "milkshakes" and smoothies to be discovered.
3. If you can consume caffeine and strawberries  you will be fine with this. I get bloated at the drop of a hat and this didn't bloat me in the slightest.

Here is one recipe I had this morning, it was absolutely delicious and I cannot wait to have it again.

Breakfast smoothie (based on River Cottage banana thicky found here)

250ml Skimmed milk (or any milk substitute including yoghurt)
2 tablespoons oats
one scoop of Skinny Sprinkles
one ripe banana (or any fruit you like)

Blend for a momnet, stand for one minute, blend again and enjoy!!!

 You can buy skinny sprinkles here

Here is a video of me enjoying skinny sprinkles including the smoothie

Can you think of any recipies? let me know.

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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Tanorganic 100% Natural Gradual/fake Tan Review

Hello everyone,
Any one who follows me on twitter or facebook will no that I am completely obsessed with fake tan at the moment and applying liberally every few nights!!! I was therefore delighted to be sent some tan from Tanorganic to try as it is 100% natural organic and chemical free (you can watch the unboxing HERE). The company state that it will develop into a natural tan colour in six to eight hours with no smell  (too good to be true eh?). I was really excited and could not wait to try it and was ASTONISHED to find that all the claims are TRUE!!!!! It does not smell, drys really quickly, developes in 6 to 8 hours into a natural brown (not orange!!) tan.
Will I repurchase? Yes I will ,as soon as I have some money that is. You can watch me talk about it in more depth on this video below but in the mean time here are some before and after photos.
Me before Tanorganic in my natural colour

Me with my Tanorganic tan.

*please note: Although I was sent this product to try and review this does not influence my opinions or review of it. I have not been paid to write this review and all words are my own with no influence from the company that sent it to me.*