Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Book review- The Forever Whale by Sarah Lean

 Hello all,
Phew! It has been a hot hot HOT couple of weeks in the UK and I have been so busy having fun in the sun I haven't blogged in ages (did you miss me?!) . i was very lucky to be sent some lovely books for the boys to read and review a couple of weeks ago and knowing what avid readers we all are in this house I knew the would devour them!! I will do two reviews for the two authors they have read and start with the more "girly" of the two. I was a little worried they would not be able to get past the factg that these are obviously marketed at girls but they agreed to give them a go as I promised they would not be forced to read them if they found them unenjoyable. Anyhoo........... I shall begin.

The Forever Whale by Sarah Lean

This is the blurb on the book:

A powerful, extraordinary story from the bestselling author of ‘A Dog Called Homeless’.

Hannah adores her Grandad. The trouble is, Grandad has Alzheimer's and he’s always forgetting things. He keeps trying to tell Hannah a story about a whale, and it seems really important, but it’s all jumbled up. Then Grandad has a stroke and he can’t remember anything, not even Hannah. It’s like he’s lost inside himself. Determined to get Grandad back, Hannah sets out to make a film that will remind him of his life – and in so doing, starts to piece together an extraordinary story about a whale that connects Grandad’s childhood to her own.

Harry said "it was very emotionally enchanting and I love the way the story was woven together, and it was good!!! "

Tom said "it was a touching well written story which kept me gripped to the very end"

An amazing coo to pull off really Miss Lean for two boisterous ten and 3/4 year old boys!!! I can really recommend them and will be having a peek myself over the summer. The books are published by Harper Collins and are available HERE (click for link)

They were also sent two of her other books "A Dog Called Homeless" & " A horse for Angel" They both loved the book about the dog but the horse book appears to be a girly step too far. It appears that boys don't "do" horses!!!!

Thank you for reading
A review coming soon on the time hunters series of books