Friday, 29 March 2013

Mineral oil scandal!! Nip &Fab Clean Fix facial cleansing oil review

Hi everyone,
I recently made an order for pillows in the sale at Debenhams and to get free beauty club delivery bought Nip & Fab clean fix oil to try. I adore DHC deep cleansing oil which is amazing, so I was a little shocked to see the main ingredient was listed as "paraffinum liquidium (mineral oil)" an ingredient I avoid at all costs as it clogs my skin and makes me breakout like crazy. ~ I tried to trust the brand that they would not use inferior chemicals and harm me, but it was not to be so. I have had terrible painful acne since using it and don't even feel I can pass it on to a friend in good conscience. It retails at £10.25 and is currently on sale at £5.13, but I would not bother if I was you!!!


Cost : Well it is a bargain at half price at Debenhams but the cost to me was far worse.
Texture : Sticky and gel like
Fragrance :  Pleasant and relaxing
Ability to do its job..... ZERO. I used it as directed and have used DHC deep cleansing oil for ages and love it (why oh why did I stray??), but if you look at the toner pads photos you will see the evidence of your own eyes.

That is what the cleanser left behind when I toned my face!

So what do you think? Would you use Clean Fix Oil?
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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

I will never be buying this!!! Loreal Luminize Code BB Cream Review

Hello everyone,
I have been having a bit of a lean mean no money month this month so was de-light-ed to be given some Loreal....... from my friend whose boyfriend brought her the wrong colour (woohoo!!). I tried it this morning and will show you lots of photos* with and without flash and tell you my thoughts on it.
(*All the photos are unedited and unretouched so you can get a true idea of the cream and what it provides.)
I was impressed at the way the swatch disappeared into my skin, and it smells really nice so my first impressions about it were good.

I applied it to my clean face on top of DHC velvet skin coat primer, which I LOVE and you can buy here by clicking the picture

It went on really well with my fingers evening out my skin tone. I applied concealer to my blemishes and dark circles before sealing it in with pressed powder. I have taken photos with and with out flash to give you an idea of the base cover it provides. I have to say I was disappointed to note that as the day went on it oxidised to a horrendous orange colour which prompted me to try it under my usual foundation as a primer with the same terrible results. I would not buy this and fail to see where they conjured the extortionate price from for what amounts to little more than a tinted moisturiser.

Just Base with flash, forgive the face it is early!!!!

Full face in daylight, no flash before the Oompa Loompa incident!

So would you try it?
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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Worlds cheapest but best blusher Brush! A Review on Sally Hansen La Cross Premier Blush Brush

Hi to you all,
I have just got to share this blush brush I bought off Amazon this week with you, it's the best brush ever!! As usual I am totally broke but needed a new blusher brush so went on good old Amazon to have a look for a budget buy one. I trust Sally Hansen as a brand, and as it was only £2.99 including delivery I shrugged my shoulders and ordered it. It arrived in a day and felt/looked much more expensive than it was so I washed it, and left it to dry for use this morning. OMG my blusher never looked so good, I believe that this may be the best blush brush I have ever had and totally recommend to anyone who needs a new one.


Handle : Wood, sturdy and lightweight with a good covering on it for durability.
Brush head : Synthetic and well secured in, there was a tiny bit of shedding after I washed it. Dense and soft to give a featherlight touch that you need for blusher.
Results : Amazing sweep of even colour across the cheeks with a natural easy application of blush.

I bought mine from HERE If you want to have a look and I could not be more thrilled with it.

To give you an idea of the size of the brush

To give you an idea of the brush density

So what do you think? Will you be buying one? 
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Monday, 11 March 2013

Cocoa Brown One Hour (YES ONE HOUR!!) Tan review

Hello everyone!
A few weeks ago I was having a moan on twitter about the fact that I was getting a bit of an allergy rash from Loreal Fake tan and Was fortunate that one of my followers is Marrisa Carter who developed Cocoa Brown One hour fake tan. She offered to send me some to try as it contains "the highest grade of vegetable tanning agent whereas other tans use synthetic, this make it particularly suitable for dry/sensitive skin". I love having a tan so I was excited to try it and at a cost of €7.99 - 150ml Mousse can it is cheap enough to develop a love of without breaking the bank.
The Claims

1. After just one hour, Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter -1 Hour Tan can be rinsed off and the tan will continue to develop for up to three hours, giving a gorgeous authentic, golden-brown tan lasting up to 5 days. If you prefer a deeper, darker cocoa brown coloured tan you can leave the product on your skin for up to three hours and then shower.

2. Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter – 1 HOUR TAN does not leave the ‘biscuit smell’ associated with traditional fake tan. This smell results from DHA (the active tanning agent in tan) coming into contact with air on the surface layers of the skin. The accelerating ingredients in Cocoa Brown carry the product into the skin, so no DHA is left to linger on the skin’s surface and therefore there is no tell-tale smell.

3. Finally, you’ll notice that Cocoa Brown’s luxurious formula on application, glides over your skin. The mousse is light-weight, fasty drying, non sticky and gives streak free results that last for days.

 The Truth

Well I cannot dispute with any of the products claims at all!! I found the moose glides on beautifully with a mitt and instantly dries to a lovely brown guide colour. After 3 hours I shower it off and am left with a smell free, smooth, even, natural looking tan. The tan lasts me a week (possibly a bit longer) fading gradually during this time. I have been using it for a few weeks now and have had 4 full body applications from the one can, and if you know me there is a little more body than the average girl to cover!!
I have found my perfect tan at this price and would recommend it to anyone to try.

You can BUY COCOA BROWN TAN HERE free P&P if you buy two!!! 7.99 euros a can that lasts ages!!!

Here are some photos but I have to say they do not do the product justice and it is really hard to get a self photo of your lower leg without your toes looking like gargantuan monkey claws!!!!

Brown Hand!

Brown leg!!

So, what do you think? Will you be trying Cocoa Brown tan?
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