Mineral oil scandal!! Nip &Fab Clean Fix facial cleansing oil review

Hi everyone,
I recently made an order for pillows in the sale at Debenhams and to get free beauty club delivery bought Nip & Fab clean fix oil to try. I adore DHC deep cleansing oil which is amazing, so I was a little shocked to see the main ingredient was listed as "paraffinum liquidium (mineral oil)" an ingredient I avoid at all costs as it clogs my skin and makes me breakout like crazy. ~ I tried to trust the brand that they would not use inferior chemicals and harm me, but it was not to be so. I have had terrible painful acne since using it and don't even feel I can pass it on to a friend in good conscience. It retails at £10.25 and is currently on sale at £5.13, but I would not bother if I was you!!!


Cost : Well it is a bargain at half price at Debenhams but the cost to me was far worse.
Texture : Sticky and gel like
Fragrance :  Pleasant and relaxing
Ability to do its job..... ZERO. I used it as directed and have used DHC deep cleansing oil for ages and love it (why oh why did I stray??), but if you look at the toner pads photos you will see the evidence of your own eyes.

That is what the cleanser left behind when I toned my face!

So what do you think? Would you use Clean Fix Oil?
Thanks for reading

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