I will never be buying this!!! Loreal Luminize Code BB Cream Review

Hello everyone,
I have been having a bit of a lean mean no money month this month so was de-light-ed to be given some Loreal....... from my friend whose boyfriend brought her the wrong colour (woohoo!!). I tried it this morning and will show you lots of photos* with and without flash and tell you my thoughts on it.
(*All the photos are unedited and unretouched so you can get a true idea of the cream and what it provides.)
I was impressed at the way the swatch disappeared into my skin, and it smells really nice so my first impressions about it were good.

I applied it to my clean face on top of DHC velvet skin coat primer, which I LOVE and you can buy here by clicking the picture

It went on really well with my fingers evening out my skin tone. I applied concealer to my blemishes and dark circles before sealing it in with pressed powder. I have taken photos with and with out flash to give you an idea of the base cover it provides. I have to say I was disappointed to note that as the day went on it oxidised to a horrendous orange colour which prompted me to try it under my usual foundation as a primer with the same terrible results. I would not buy this and fail to see where they conjured the extortionate price from for what amounts to little more than a tinted moisturiser.

Just Base with flash, forgive the face it is early!!!!

Full face in daylight, no flash before the Oompa Loompa incident!

So would you try it?
Thanks for reading

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