I Luuurve the 80's and Plus Size Outfit Dilemma

I have been loving all the eighties inspired clothes and makeup this season is offering. I feel like the 15 year old girl I was the first time round when I wore these styles as I had a yellow nail varnish then too (but no kids and a skinny body!).

Here is My 80's inspired nails:
Nails Inc £11.89
Boots Natural collection £1.89

I recently bought a stunning top on Ebay and today it arrived (yay!) but I am not sure how to style it. I think some sewing and cutting may be in order to sort it out to my atisfaction. It fits wonderfully in the waist and hips but the top is just all wrong. I wouldn't wear it with the top I wear in the photos I just put it on to show you what I mean.

Soooo Not A Good Look

I was really hoping to wear it as an over shirt with a tank/vest top underneath. What do you think? The pictures don't really do it justice as it is lovely and does have a tie belt with it too

This is the Ebay listing for it.If you want to look at how it should look.

I would really appreciate any advice that can be given to me regarding this thank you in advance.

Rose x

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