Sleep Rollers Review

 Hello everyone,
*Before I start I want to say I receive no commission or payment for this review. I bought the rollers with my own money and all views are exclusively my own (phew)*

Well if you follow me on twitter you will know that I recently purchased 2 packs (20 rollers) of soft foam/Velcro sleep rollers from their site. It is free P&P at the moment which makes it an even more tempting offer. 

Lets start by discussing price, Boots do a similar product at £4.99 for six rollers so to get 20 would cost £19.96 (this would be 24 but who wants 24?) but you do not get a bag to store them in. Sleep rollers are £16.50 inc P&P AND you get a cute pink bag to store them in so it was a no brainer for me.
Pretty pink bag
Pretty pink squashy roller

Right so we love the price and bags what is the quality like? I have Avon advanced techniques and Denman Thermo Velcro rollers to compare them too so I cannot comment on the quality of Boots rollers. Both my other sets of rollers are hard and would be impossible to sleep in for a start, and also the Velcro on both the others is really snaggy and feels like they are ripping my hair to shreds. The sleep rollers are less snaggy, didn't get tangled in my hair and soft to sleep on. Regarding the bag it was disappointing as it ripped down the side when I put the rollers in it and is a bit flimsy as it is made out of paper fabric (rather like a stiff Jcloth).
BOOOO it ripped, clumsy girl  :'-(  
SO....... this is the real question you all want to know..... Can you sleep in them? Well the answer is tricky, they are a bit prickly around the base of your neck and bottom of hair line but did NOT stop me sleeping (yay!). It is a bit weired feeling but you can get used to it I expect (a bit like a new watch or ring) and you can just wear them in the day or blast with a dryer hood (also sold on site).

The results are amazing I applied them on day 2 hair with a mist of water on each strand and a finishing light spray with hairspray. My hair is smooth, bouncy and has amazing volume on top. I removed them at 0430 AM when I went to the loo 'cos I just couldn't wait to see the results lol (see pictures!). the final picture is after a light brush, a touch of hairspray and remember I had also slept on the style for 2 and a half hours since taking them out (Pretty impressive  eh? Well I think so.)

I am half asleep in this
This is literally with the rollers just removed

VERDICT: A great big thumbs up! (or hairs up)

Final hair do, took 2 minutes to do!!


See You soon

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