How I made my feet summer ready and cured my cracked heels

Hi everyone,
I have suffered from hard cracked skin on my feet, proper name heel fissures, since I started nursing at the age of seventeen. Here in the interest of nostalgia is a picture of me then!

Me as a seventeen year old student nurse.

Over the years I have many different types of products to try to keep them under control with varying degrees of success. When Pedikur UK offered the chance to try their hard skin removing lotion I was delighted to say yes but did not really hold out much hope as I have tried tons of creams over the years. Where this product differs from other is it softens the skin and you then scrape it off with a plastic spatula type tool. I was a little daunted by the warnings on the instructions about keeping it away from your eyes and not leaving it on your feet for longer than half an hour but I need not have worried as it does not burn or irritate at all.
You apply it onto cotton wool and leave for half an hour and then litererally scrape the soft skin off which is so much fun I actually said "WOW!!" out loud.


Afterwards my feet were amazingly soft and the Herbal foot cream is great for maintaining the results (although it does smell very herby like Cumberland sausage seasoning!!).

 I suggest you watch my video to get a true idea of how to use this and the amazing results you get. 

You can buy Pedikur products from beautychamber here and they may seem expensive at £16.00 for 200ml of lotion (spatular included) but you only need to use a tiny amount and wouldn't need to use it more than once a month so it should last for ages.
You can also visit the official website here and get further information on the products range and usage.

Thanks for reading & see you soon

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