Amazing diet find!!! Only 3% fat mayonnaise.

 Hello everyone,
I am really really excited this week, I am now 30 pounds lighter! I am enjoying the challenge and still feel really motivated with fruit and skinny sprinkles helping out on snack attack moments.

I love mayonnaise and was thrilled to find such a low fat one and it tastes so delicious I was convinced I had read the label wrong and had to keep checking!!!! I Have photographed the labels to show you the shocking comparison between it and the UK leading brand at the moment. The best news is that it is from Aldi and costs less than £2.00 to buy (sorry can't remember the exact price)

Check out the 3.1g per 100ml  fat content on the Aldi mayonnaise

This 27g per 100ml  is the Total fat on the Hellmann's mayonnaise

Basically it means the Hellmann's mayonaise is 27% fat and the Aldi one is 3.1%. It is a massive difference I am sure you will agree. What are your amazing diet finds?

Thanks for reading

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