My diet I devised - How I lost 27 pounds since the start of September.

Hi everyone!Anyone who follows me on twitter or face book will no that I have been loosing weight lately and have lost 27 pounds in 2 months!!! I was admitted to hospital at the end of August with a gallstone blockage and was listed for an operation but it was postponed so I needed to wait for it. The pain from gallstones is one of the worst you can feel and the only way to control it is to eat low fat small meals to prevent the gallbladder form spasming. I left the hospital after a week and started the diet I devised myself based on early teachings from Rosemary Conelly and a bazillion diet books and diets I have done over the years.

Here are the basic principles:--

1. Do not eat ANYTHING that is more than 5% fat. (more on this later)
2. Eat tons of fresh fruit and veg
3. No butter/margarine or any "low fat" alternatives
4. Drink sugar free drinks in abundance
5. As many cup a soups as you like.
6. Have skinny sprinkles as snack and smoothies (see this post here)

Based on these principles I have made and adapted recipes that have fed the whole family with me having to cook two meals sometimes but it has not been a problem to me as I feel that it is worth it!!!! I have had the occasional bag of very low fat crisps, a little cheese (a teaspoon or 2 grated) on a meal and jelly type sweets are generally fat free so great as a treat too!!

How to read a lable is easy, just check total fat content per 100g, if it is 5g or less you are good to go. (sorry it is sideways I could not get the photo up-loader to stop turning it round!!!)

Look per 100g if it is less than 5g then you are good to go!!!

I have enjoyed spaghetti Bolognase made from meat substitute mince with a little cheese on top which the boys love (easy made from a jar). I love matzo crackers (almost fat free!!) crumbled in homemade or cup a soup or with jam on. It is really easy and I love finding new stuff to eat in the shops or on line. I discovered a virtually fat free mayonnaise in Aldi the other week and it is so nice I had to keep checking the label to make sure I hadn't made a mistake!!!!! I love boiled ham, sliced tomato, mayonnaise and mustard on a barm cake (bap/bread roll).

 My favourite less than 5% foods.
Aldi morrocan cous cous, bread toasted with marmalade, Starbucks skinny blueberry muffin, intant custard, ALL fruit and veg, Soups, most yoghurts, merangue, porridge, meat substitutes (check to be sure though!!) and the list goes on. I can post some recipies if you like but here are a couple I love for the whole family.

Spicy bean burgers
Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius (350 Fahrenheit)
1 tin kidney beans (or drained baked beans or any beans really!) mashed
table spoon ketchup
1 onion cooked in a little water in microwave until soft
fresh bread crumbs (about 2 cups)
half teaspoon chilli flakes (optional0
about 40 grams or a heaped tablespoon of grated cheddar cheese (stronger is better).

1. Put half the bread crumbs and all the other ingredients in a bowl and mix.
2. Form into 4 balls and squash down a bit and coat in remaining breadcrumbs
3. Put on a lightly oiled baking sheet and cook for 10 mins turn and cook for 5 to 10 mins more.

That is it!! serve with salad and bread rolls or potato wedges.

Cheats Pasta bake.

preheat the grill to hot
1 tin Sainsburys chicken in white sauce.
1 tin of skimmed milk
1 tablespoon of flour
fresh breadcrumbs
400/500g pasta cooked.

Put the chicken in a pan.
Refill the can with skimmed milk and  add to the chicken in the pan
when it warms whisk the flour in and bring to a boil until it thickens up .
mix into the cooked drained pasta and put in a baking dish
top with breadcrumbs (I do 2, one for the family with cheese on and one for me in a small dish without)
Grill until the breadcrumbs are golden brown.

Serve with side salad.

Skinny sprinkles have given me a boost too as I find if I have a sprinkles smoothie for breakfast I feel great for the whole day with no desire to snack. If I need a snack or am having a "hungry" day I have another and it kills it dead PLUS they increase your energy with out making you jittery. Check out their website HERE

Any questions please PLEASE ask and I am in no way a nutritionalist but this is how I have done it. I have loads of more recipies I can share on request and would LOVE to hear your tips too.

Thanks for reading

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