Very LOW Fat Coleslaw Recipe

Hi everyone,
Following my discovery of the amazingly low fat but delicious mayo from Aldi (see post HERE)I decided to try this recipe. It was very easy to make, tastes amazing and has hardly any calories or fat in it too!!! The recipie itself is mega versatile and you can change it up by adding lemon, vinegar, mustard, curry powder or anything your imagination would like.

 Easy Coleslaw

 I used the following:
1/2 a white cabbage
one white onion
1 large carrot
6 tablespoons of mayonaise

Basically you grate or food process the ingredients, mix them in a bowl, add as much mayonnaise and seasoning as is to your taste  & enjoy!!
I like a bit of texture so I thinly sliced some of the cabbage as well, Depending on your preference you may prefer to slice rather tha grate the cabbage. I think I shall do that next time.


Do you have any easy low-fat recipes? I'd love you to share them with me :-)

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