DIY How To Make A Twistband Style Hairband

Hi everyone, confession time!
I've always had a bit of a fetish for the much maligned ugly, but beautifully comfortable scrunchie (Shhhhh it's our secret!). I find them great for holding your hair without pulling or causing dents in your "do" but not really suitable wearing in public places. This is why I got excited when I saw the soft and pretty scrunchy substitute of twistbands appearing on wrists and in hair following a big push of them in UK Jolieboxes. I had immediate lust and envy for them but knew I couldn't afford to subscribe to the box or buy them for myself. A quick Google for a closer look at pictures of them led me to believe I could manufacture one myself for a fraction of the cost. The band itself is made from a material called fold over elastic (FOE for short)  that is commonly used for edging dressmaking and craft projects. You can purchase it in many beautiful colours and patterns off Ebay, costing  around £2.00 for 2 meters, and set to work making soft bands galore. From the amount of FOE you can buy for £2.00 you  will be able to make approximately four bands (depending on wrist size).
Cost per band = 50p
Time to make= minute
skill required=little to none (if you can use scissors and tie knots you are good to go!!)

 Step one

Decide whether you like the shiny or matt side best (I like shiny)


Step two

Wrap around your wrist, pinch between finger & thumb  and cut.

Step three

Fold in half checking your cut ends are neat, trimming if required

Step Four

Knot the ends into a flat knot as shown in the pictures

That's it!!! It really is that easy :-)

Wear on wrist as bracelet/standby hair tie

Ready for bed with a soft comfortable bun

So will you be making yourself a softband? Let me see your pictures if you do.

Thanks for reading

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