Stocking Fillers For Girls- Jewelfones Review

Hello all,
Well it's that time of year when you are buying pressies and hoping that what you get is an original gift with no embaressing duplications. Well Jewelphones are what I consider to be the perfect marriage between practivality and girly style. They come in 6 lovely styles and  here is a screen shot off the website to show you them all.

 They have magnetic clasps to hold them around your neck and soft ear buds (with two replacement ones in the box) that nestle comfortably in your ears and block most outside noise out wonderfully. On the necklace is a button that pauses the music in a little unit that matches the theme of the headphones and doesn't detract from the whole "necklacy" style. Well it is all well and good that they are so pretty and comfortable. But what is the sound like? Well how about AWESOME?!! The sound is clear and a perfect balance of clarity and base and at the price of £19.99 they are well worth it and any girl should love to receive them.
Here are some more pictures including a lovely cheesy shot of me wearing them!

 Here is a link for Jewelfones website where you can buy the headphones

Thanks for reading & tell me if you have found any "different" gifts this year

*please note that these lovely headphones were sent to me for review purposes. This does not in anyway influence my review & am am so glad I have them they are AWESOME!!

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