Harry's Volcano Made in Geography Club - Guest Post!!

My volcano!

Hi my name is Harry and I'm writing this to tell you about a model volcano I made in geography club. I decided to go a bit out of the ordinary; things like it's round,there's a dead guy drew on a scrap newspaper ,but mine isn't the only one.For instance, the guy next to me had a square one!
Oh, and mine spews gold and silver.

So now i'm going to tell you how I made my volcano.

.1 First I got a sheet of cardboard.

.2 Then I cut off the flaps.

Lava River

.3After that, I got another sheet of cardboard and twisted it to a cylinder, stuffed it full of colored tissue and used a card tube to make a route for the liquid

. 4Then, I made the shape of the top.

Top View
. 5 Finally I made my river, it's dead guy and painted!

Dead Guy In river
. Sorry! I  forgot to make a side vent  you just stick a pencil in the side, that's all from me goodbye!
Side vent

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