My first ever filling experience at Calm Dental Urmston

Hi everybody,
I was not impressed when I found out I had to have my first ever filling. I mean this is my "thing" (not having any fillings) and I was really proud of this. I had a lot of orthodontic treatment growing up, one of which involved the extraction of 6 teeth in one day, not because they were bad, but because my mouth was overcrowded as I have a small mouth and jawline (now stop with the jokes, I have heard them all before!!!).
This resulted in a smile I can be proud of and teeth that get complimented  A LOT, and due to some freakish luck and special care I have never had a filling........ Until now.

I love my dental practice anyway, but my latest excursion and experience has lead my to write this post in the way of a little thank you to all the staff there (click here to meet them all!!) and share my experience (of course!) with all of you.

The waiting area and reception are lovely, tastefully decorated and relaxing with comfortable chairs and nice ambient music. Staff have always been welcoming, helpful and informative, and myself and the boys enjoy going there, and it isn't in anyway traumatic even for a neurotic hypochondriac like me. Even when I apparently sat in the chair with my eyes/mouth open wide (the boys said I looked hilarious) asking the dentist Charles "are you sure I need a filling? I don't have fillings" I was not made to feel in any way stupid or a bother as he showed/explained my x-ray and reassured me about the whole thing.

When I went back for the filling the dental therapist Anna was lovely and reassuring and talked me through the whole procedure making it as relaxing and undramatic as I could possibly wish for.

So.... How much does this ultra modern relaxing private dental care cost me a month? (I hear you ask). Well nothing is the reply. This is an example of how NHS dental care should be done and is a practice for the owner and for the staff to be proud of . If you live in the area I can wholeheartedly say get yourself on the books if you can, you will not regret it. (they are not accepting new NHS patients at the moment, but this is subject to change so keep checking!!)
Here is the website of the practice Click here!
This is the Practice twitter Tweet, Tweet!

I want to make it clear that although I asked for permission to take photographs and write this post I was in no way asked, compensated or in any way sponsored to write this. They are just that great I had to share :-)

Thank you so much for reading & I recommend you check them out

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