Today I'm Gonna Party like it's 1989!!! Or smells like teen Angst.

Hello everyone,
Phew! It's hot! I went out with a friend yesterday and this what I wore for the day. I love maxi-dresses and this one is from Yours clothing online from about 2 seasons ago (maxi dress equals good investment!) The denim jacket is from yours clothing and has a plaited shoulder detail, crop styling and no collar. I find collars can be irritating if you wear your hair down as they can mess up the style (or is it just me?) I hope you like it and I also hope that I am showing that style and fashion has no age or size limits.
The title is reference to the fact that I love that denim is back in a big way andd is giving me that "I'm 15 again" feeling.  I would love if you would "hype me" on lookbook and it is a lovly easy site to use so go check it out and maybe get your own page there too?

Thanks so much for reading

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