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Giveaway - Eden Natural Nail Polish Remover! Guest Post from the Owner of Feminine Wear Eco/body (& Purse!) Friendly Products

A quick word from Rose!

 {I am pleased to introduce this international giveaway via a guest post. I am a huge fan of my guest blogger Teresa, whom I met via ordering from her years before I started blogging myself. I have been an advocate for reusable menstrual products for a number of years now, as I am allergic to the mega expensive and environmentally unfriendly products most women use. Just for a moment I'd like you to visualize the amount of towels/tampons you use per month, multiply that amount by a  year for every year you menstruate. If, like me, you feel that's a lot of landfill and wasted money read on!!}

I have known Rose for a few years as a customer and Facebook friend, although we have never met. Maybe we will one day, who knows.

I have been asked to talk about my business and the products that I sell. Some of you may have heard of Feminine Wear through Rose already, I sell washable and reusable menstrual products through my website

Why choose reusable menstrual products? Well, why not? I see no point in bleeding onto something and just to throw it away, only next month buy more products to bleed on and throw away!

I personally haven't bought a disposable product for 7 years, since I first discovered washable cloth pads ( At the time I was using washable nappies for my daughter. I decided that if I was prepared to wash urine and faeces from a nappy, blood was nothing! I have been using them ever since. Washable cloth pads were really difficult to buy so I decided to set up Feminine Wear to make them available to everyone.

A year after setting up Feminine Wear someone asked me why I wasn't selling the Mooncup ( I had to admit that I hadn't heard of it and contacted Mooncup to ask if I could sell it, and I am pleased that they agreed. As they say, the rest is history. I now sell 18 Brands of cloth pads ( and 20 Brands of menstrual cups ( I also sell sponge and fabric washable tampons (

With regard to makeup in particular you may be interested in reusable make up removing pads from Love the Planet ( and ImseVimse (

I am constantly expanding my stock and look out for new and interesting products to sell and I have recently added a product that may interest you. Natural and totally organic nail polish remover

( Normal nail polish remover is very harsh and contains nasty chemicals.

I have a bottle to give away on this blog. If you would like to win a bottle then please comment below saying what you think about reusable menstrual products by using the rafflecopter widget below.
The competition closes at 12 midnight GMT On Sunday 25th August. And Rose will draw a winners on Monday 26th August,via rafllecopter.

Thank you, Rose, for allowing me to be a guest on your blog. I have set up a discount code for any of you that would like to place an order. The code is "MILKYMOLES" For 10% off and it is valid until the end of 2013.
Teresa Francis


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